Knowing Who to Call

Last weekend I stayed at a hotel in Manchester with a cousin of mine. The trip was supposed to be leaned towards our new business we had just started, but ended up being not even being close to that. After hearing about the Manchester escort agency, my brother and I decided that we would give the whole experience a shot in hopes of a fun evening. The escorts that accompanied us to dinner, a movie and the bar were pretty girls and they had great attitudes the entire evening. They were down to do anything from dancing to watching movies and were very respectful to both my cousin and I. Respect is a big thing in my book. When our evening was over, we were both very impressed with how the night went and figured if we were ever in Manchester again, we knew who to call and what to do to have a great time.


Staffing Service & Benefits

I have worked for a staffing company for a couple of years and I am called in on an as needed basis. The benefits are great and I pay weekly right out of my check. I am covered in the doctor’s office and in the hospital incase of an emergency. Their training that they offer to brush up your skills are great, they even have free online courses for one to take. I actually have been given a couple of unexpected bonuses for my hard work and dedication to their company.

The last job that I was sent on was for a three week data entry position. I am not very good at typing but they sent my anyways. The boss that gave me all of my work duties also worked part time for extra money at the London escort agency. I was surprised that she had been able to hold both jobs for over ten years, two totally different careers!


Prepping The Yard

At the end of September I start getting my yard prepped for the upcoming harsh winter months. I do my yearly furnace tune-up and place a secured tarp over my air conditioning unit. My solar lights and outdoor summer decorations are put away in bins in my garage so that they do not get destroyed by the below zero weather.

My pool is the biggest pain and it is always a couple day project to get winterized. I have to shock the pool and get all of the chemicals balanced before I can start draining the water. The water usually takes about two days to drain through a hose down the driveway into the road. I take the pool ladder off and get the heavy duty cover on.

Every year when I start to drain the pool my fuck buddies are sad because she knows that the summer fun is over until next year.


Fun & Disappointing Times

Being a wealthy person I have realized over the years that relationships are expensive, usually a waste of time and very expensive. I work several hours and week and just to not have the energy or ambition to maintain a normal relationship, but I do have many women on the side if you know what I mean.

No strings attached fuck buddy sex is great because you do not have to put to much into the other person, except to please each other fully for a short period of time. Another great fact is that this time spending with each other is not very costly for either of us. I did have one of the women that I was casually seeing start falling for me and I had to put a halt to that right away. I simply just reminded her that we both knew this ahead of time and that this was just for fun only!


Plan B

Plan A was to arrange a date with either Lisa, Sharon or Milly (whoever was going to be available) but I’ve left it too late to book one of the usual Surrey escorts that I see on a Saturday evening and I’m in desperate need of some female company so I’ve moved on to plan B. There’s a woman who lives a couple of streets away from me who I’ve met a few times at the local pub. She has always been very flirtatious with me and the last time I saw her she gave me her phone number and told me to ring her any time I fancied meeting up with her. She’s not the prettiest thing in the world but she seems to have a really nice personality and she’s always up for a laugh. I think I’ll take her somewhere she hasn’t been before. Now, what did I do with her number?


Finding the Silver Lining in Unemployment

I worked for a local mum and pop business that was forced to close its doors because of the new tax laws. I’ve been looking around for months at different escort jobs in Newcastle but I am just a college kid that needs a flexible work schedule. There are a lot of adults competing against me and it makes it hard to get that extra edge I need. Every week my budget is getting tighter and tighter, but one thing I have learned is how to survive on little.

If you asked me if I could survive on just a few pounds a day a few months ago I would have looked at you like you were crazy. However, now I have fine tuned the skill so I do know that even when I find a job I will spend less and save more as a result.


Am I To Desperate?

My favorite part of the week is the beginning, even though it is hated by people across the world. Every Monday and Tuesday I am given tasks at my job where I venture out into the city and hand out flyer’s for my boss. This morning when I did my Tuesday routine I ran into a lady that works at Sheffield escorts and scored her number by the time our conversation had ended. She was a very pretty lady and seemed to be pretty interested in me. I am never good at picking up women on my own so I was thrilled when she approached me herself. I’m not sure when I am going to call her, possibly this weekend? I do not want to sound desperate so I will probably give it a couple of days at least.