The Answers No

I should no how to accept the answer no at my age, but seemingly just cannot do it. If it is a simple respectful no I can bite my tongue but if someone is being rude it is so hard to just take the answer and walk away. I was so upset the other day because I planned on getting a ride from a friend over to Derby escorts and they denied me almost instantly. It wasn’t because they already had arranged plans, it was because they didn’t agree with what I was doing. Which I think is down right ignorant. But hey what I can I do but shut my mouth right? Yea right! I ended up telling her I thought it was rude that she would not bring me because of what it is I would be doing. When you friends with someone you accept them for who they are and what they do or you just don’t be friends!


The Perfect Gentleman

Five years ago I started to date on and off and it was a dead end road. A friend suggested that I go online and try using one of the gay sex dating websites, it couldn’t hurt so I gave it a shot. I started browsing all of the profiles and a gentleman contacted me within 2 days.

We decided that we were going to go out to dinner and catch a late movie. Before I knew it we were moving in with each other and talking about marriage. I have never dated a man that has given me so much respect and values all of my opinions. Everyday I thank my friend that directed me to that website because I would have never met this great person that I am going to spend the rest of my life with.


Website Wouldn’t Rank

If you don’t fully understand escort search engine optimisation, it is fairly safe to say that you are not going to get very far in building a site that sees a lot of traffic visit regularly. I learned this the hard way when I had attempted to build a website and felt that I had been fairly successful, as the site was up and running, looked great and had what I thought was good quality content. However, few people were coming to my page and I could not figure out why. I had thought that if you had a presentable page that had great information on it, people would flock to it, but the reality was that I had not done the proper research into how search engines rank webpages, which directly leads to the amount of people that land on your site. I realized at this point that I needed to learn more about how to get my website ranked.


Types of pages online

There are many web pages on the internet these days from how to pages to shopping online or watching tv, just to name a few. However, if you look at all of these sites they have one thing in common and that is the web design for escorts layout, all sites use basic computer language when designing a page, such examples are some pages use HTML only, while other pages that like to have video’s are embedding flash, Adobe, windows media and the likes into their site code, another popular code that is being used these days is JAVA, this is by far one of the most challenging codes to write, however with all the how to’s online you should be able to generate this type of code if you decide to go with that. So as you decide on your page layout remember that their are all kinds of code to chose from to make your page snappy.


Stalking My Prey

Back in my high school days I remember having a few fuckbuddies, but mainly I remember one in particular. His name was Jim. Every time we got together we always ended up going out to eat or even to a party here and there. I knew I had feelings for him but I never said anything because I was scared I would ruin everything we had going. To this day I regret not saying anything to him. Mainly because I am tired of the single life and he is the only person I have ever really cared about. Sometimes I think about trying to look him up, but I really do not want to come off as a stalker. I guess maybe I could just “try” and run into him some how? First I have to find out what town he is in or anything to lead me in his direction.


Prepping The Yard

At the end of September I start getting my yard prepped for the upcoming harsh winter months. I do my yearly furnace tune-up and place a secured tarp over my air conditioning unit. My solar lights and outdoor summer decorations are put away in bins in my garage so that they do not get destroyed by the below zero weather.

My pool is the biggest pain and it is always a couple day project to get winterized. I have to shock the pool and get all of the chemicals balanced before I can start draining the water. The water usually takes about two days to drain through a hose down the driveway into the road. I take the pool ladder off and get the heavy duty cover on.

Every year when I start to drain the pool my fuck buddies are sad because she knows that the summer fun is over until next year.


Fun & Disappointing Times

Being a wealthy person I have realized over the years that relationships are expensive, usually a waste of time and very expensive. I work several hours and week and just to not have the energy or ambition to maintain a normal relationship, but I do have many women on the side if you know what I mean.

No strings attachedĀ fuck buddy sex is great because you do not have to put to much into the other person, except to please each other fully for a short period of time. Another great fact is that this time spending with each other is not very costly for either of us. I did have one of the women that I was casually seeing start falling for me and I had to put a halt to that right away. I simply just reminded her that we both knew this ahead of time and that this was just for fun only!